Cash Buyers

By purchasing with cash, we are often able to close within 30 days. An advantage to the investor eager to get their money working for them, as well as the seller who is anxious to get out of a property.


Seller Financing

In many cases it is more advantageous for the seller to take the profits slowly, over time. This helps sellers to reduce capital gains tax and helps investors who are looking to increase the cap rate through renovations.


Increased ROI

Work with an EcoConsultant to learn how you can decrease expenses, increase value, get tax rebates and credits, all while increasing public good will. Green is the trend, and we can help you realize these goals.


Toucan Commercial Real Estate

We are a match making company who pairs a list of over 200 cash buyers directly with off-market commercial properties that exactly meet their acquisition criteria, then let them close with their own teams. As opportunities present themselves that match your criteria, we will make sure you get first shot before those assets hit the market.


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